How you can learn religious Chinese

From the Three-Self Church you can buy for RMB1 each 基督教簡易讀本 第一, 第二, 第三冊 (編者:張心田, 中國基督教協會)

These books begin with the assumption that you can read no Chinese characters. Each character is introduced with the pinyin, including the correct tone. By the end of the three books, the person can read passages from the Bible. I will note that there is a small amount of political material in the book and a few theological comments I wouldn't agree with. But, they are great for learning religious Chinese.

John Stott, Christian Basics: A Handbook of Beginnings, Beliefs and Behaviour 約翰斯扥得, 基督教信仰(中國基督教協會)

This book is available legally for RMB6. A comparison with the English version would help a Chinese student learn how Chinese religious language is used.

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