How You Can Help China

  1. Pray for China
    1. Join the Chinese in praying at 5 a.m. Beijing time (5 p.m. EDT, 4 p.m. EST) A custom in the house churches is to meet at 5 a.m. every day to pray for China. You can stop what you are doing at the same exact time wherever you are and know that you are joining thousands of Chinese Christians as they pray for God to do wonders in China.
    2. Pray for the different regions, ethnic groups, and social sub-groups of China Operation China
  2. Prepare yourself.
    1. Contact the mission boards that your home church associates with and find out what missionaries they have in China. Let them mentor you in preparing to help them in their ministry.
    2. Get good experience teaching the Bible to adults in your home church. Learn all you can about your church's ministries.
    3. Begin reading about Chinese culture and history.
    4. Make friends with Chinese people to get experience interacting with them.
    5. Enroll in a program that helps you learn Mandarin.
  3. Take materials into China for use by Christians Are you willing to be a Mule for God? Are you willing to carry in the materials that missionaries and house church Christians need? This ministry can be a great way for you to have initial contact with China and begin to build relationships with the missionaries and locals there.
    1. After making contact with a believer in China
    2. Purchase the needed materials
    3. Join a regular tour to the believer's city
    4. Carry the materials in
    5. Deliver them to the grateful believers
  4. Prepare materials for use by Chinese Christians You can write materials, translate materials, put materials into electronic format, or publish materials, depending on your skills. If you can record music that you will allow the house church Christians to duplicate freely, many can enjoy Christian music that they otherwise would not have access to.
  5. Teach the Bible in house churches in China If you have advanced Bible knowledge or some other area of expertise that the house churches need and can present it in Chinese, you can have a powerful ministry to the house churches of China