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Over the years, Christians have used many methods to get Christian materials to house church Christians. We have carried them in ourselves, set up printing presses, and even allowed the Chinese to copy the books by hand. Frankly, carrying books in is terribly expensive and risky; setting up a printing press is even more so; and copying books by hand takes too long. With the technology available from a photocopier that collates the pages automatically, we have a safer, less expensive way to distribute materials over a wide area.

  1. We already have many books in electronic format that are legal for us to copy freely inside China.

  2. Already in China, there are photocopiers for sale that can take a hundred-page document and make 50 double-sided copies. All a person has to do is to lift the collated document from the machine and staple it. You now have a book.

  3. We have already set one of these photocopiers up in one province of China, and our colleagues there are copying many books for the use of their contacts throughout the province.

  4. All we need to do is to help our contacts purchase a photocopier, and they can then take the project from there.

Our goal is to have six photocopiers up and running and distributing printed materials over a wide area.

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