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The primary need of house churches today is Bible teaching. They ask for it. They will set aside time for it. They will sit for hours.

You see, the growth of the church has been so phenomenal that there just aren't enough people to teach the new converts. Even the people that have been Christians a long time have not had good training, and they don't know where to get good training. What we need is for people to go into China to teach the Bible.

Of course, you would need to get familiar with the history, culture, and present-day situation in China. The first step would be to learn Chinese--but the good news is, it is not hard to get a visa to be a language student in China! After 3 years or so of language learning, during which you met locals and learned to fit into the Chinese culture, you could begin teaching house church Christians.

We can use people with basic Bible understanding to teach the new converts, people with advanced knowledge to teach the longtime converts, and specialists to teach the leaders. We are very glad to divide the classes to allow men to teach men and women to teach women.

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