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All over China we are seeing a keener interest in the Bible than at any time China's long history. We see a need for Bibles among many different groups of people:

  1. Poor believers that cannot afford to buy a Bible   

  2. Non-believers that show a sincere interest in the gospel   

  3. Believers that live too far away from the cities where Bibles are available

  4. Christians who could profit from the study Bibles that are available in Chinese   

At present, we can buy Bibles legally from the Three-Self Church. There are sometimes limits on how many we can buy, and there are other logistical problems. But, because these are legal and cost much less than they would outside of China (only US$2 for a regular Bible, US$8.50 for a study Bible), we find this is the best way to get Bibles to those who can use them.

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