We Because of Faith我們是為了信仰

Wang Mingdao openly fought the Three-Self Movement. His opposition was based not on any political or social motive but purely on the fundamentalist-modernist conflict, since most of the three-Self leaders were modernists. This pamphlet, "We, Because of Faith," was published in Beijing in June 1955. Shortly after, on August 8, the author was arrested and put in prison.

During the past thirty years the churches of China, like other churches throughout the world, have had within them a conflict of faith between fundamentalists and modernists. Fundamentalists believe in the fundamental doctrines: The Bible is the revelation of God; Christ . . . was born of a virgin; He performed many miracles; . . . He gave His life . . . for all Mankind; . . . after three days He rose bodily from death; . . . forty days later He was received into Heaven where He sits at the right hand of God; in the future He will come again to earth; . . . He will give [His disciples] transformed, spiritual, and immortal bodies; . . . He will exercise judgment on earth and finally set up His Heavenly kingdom.

But modernists evidently do not believe these essential doctrines. They do not come out into the open and deny the doctrines; they simply interpret them in a hazy and ambiguous way; they say that they believe but only express the truth in a different way from the fundamentalists . . . .

For thirty years I have constantly spoken and written against modernism . . . .

We will not unite in any way with these unbelievers, nor will we join any of their organizations. And even with true believers and faithful servants of God we can enjoy only a spiritual union. There should not be any kind of formal, organizational union, because we cannot find any teaching in the Bible to support it . . . . for our loyalty to God we are ready to pay any cost that is required. We shall shrink from no sacrifice. Misrepresentation and slander can never intimidate us.

Everyone has a mouth with which he can say what he pleases. But facts are facts forever. God sees them clearly and God's people see them clearly, no matter how others may twist them or malign us. We take our stand on Christian doctrine.

[Adapted from Merwin, Three-Self Movement, pp. 99-114]

Wm. Theodore de Barry and Richard Lufrano, editors, Sources of Chinese Tradition, Second Edition, NY: Columbia University Press, II:540-541.

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