Lifestyle of Prayer

It all starts with prayer. God has already been working in China for thousands of years, and God is doing the bulk of the work, so lay hold on His omnipotence to work in China now.

FOR CHINA You will be praying for China all during your time as a missionary, so I think it is wise to start now. You can sign up for updates from various sources. Of course, I have no control over what they mention. I think they are good sources of information though.

FOR CO-WORKERS: Please pray for the people that you hope to help in China. As you contact various mission boards and find out about their workers in China, begin praying for them. Maybe you and I will end up being co-workers. Please pray for me too--I'm "Jerry."

FOR YOURSELF: God has much to do in your life to shape you for missions work. Embrace the changes he makes in you. He is the master potter and knows best what to do to prepare you. Pray for Personal Growth, Your Finances Now, Your Ministry Opportunities Now, Your Future (ask God to give you wisdom as you make choices now and for guidance as He leads you through these days of preparation).