Tracts and Materials in Chinese

Ambassadors for Christ this ministry focuses on Mainland Chinese in North America, especially the more highly educated.

Chinese Christians Today--This ministry has much experience with Chinese people outside of Mainland China. If you have contacts with people from Taiwan or Hong Kong, you will enjoy this site.


Reformed Institute of the 21st Century--This site is for advanced study of Scripture and theology from a Reformed perspective.

Christian Communications Inc.--This ministry focuses on getting materials into Mainland China. Their materials are made available at a reduced price for this purpose.
Canada Broadcasting Network in Chinese

Chick Publications--You may read the English counterpart and decide whether you want to order the Chinese copy These are tracts available in Traditional Chinese (for Chinese from Hong Kong and Taiwan) These are tracts available in Simplified Chinese (for Chinese from Mainland China)

Online tract in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

God's Simple Plan of Salvation

Source of Light Mission-- Discipleship materials

Multilanguage--Evangelism and Christian growth materials

Bible Press, Inc.
1307 Minnesota Ave.
North Fond du Lac, WI 54937
Tel: (920) 907-8383
Won By One discipleship course

I don't know much about these organizations--use at your own discretion.

Bible Light Publishers

Global Bible--complete theological coursework online